• I create cinematography, educate, develop tools and workflows for movies and science


    I am a seasoned professional with expertise in cinematography and engineering. With over two decades of experience, I have developed and managed complex projects, including 3D stereo rigs, aerial camera systems, digital video workflows, and TV broadcast studios. My skills span project management, system architecture, and coding, making me an asset in both creative and technical roles.

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    • Project Management
    • Business Strategy Development
    • Film Studio / Rental Administration

    Programming Skills

    • Full Stack: C++, JS, SQL
    • Front End: React, API, PHP, HTML, CSS
    • System Architecture / Integrations

    Engineering Skills


    • Circuit Design and Assembly
    • Microcontrollers, IoT
    • Radio Communications
    • Networking: Deploying / Administrating


    • 3D Modeling
    • Component Assembly
    • Composite Materials
    • Assistant Machinist

    3D Stereo Optical Systems

    • Modeling Stereo Optical Systems
    • Calculating Complex Optical Systems
    • Assembling Optical Components
    • Sensor Setup and Calibration

    Cinematography Skills

    • Director of Photography
    • Camera Operator
    • Aerial / Underwater Remote Cinematography
    • Digital Imagery Technician
    • Video Editing
    • Compositing
    • Color Grading
    • Sound Engineering
    • CG / Compositing

    Miscellaneous Skills

    • Photography
    • part 107 Drone Operation
    • ROV Operation
    • Motorcycle Endorsement
    • Private Pilot, single engine

    Software Proficiency

    • Programming: VS Code, Retool, Arduino IDE
    • Media: Resolve, Adobe CC, Final Cut, Avid MC, QTake, Logic, Protools
    • Engineering: Fusion360, SolidWorks, Various 3D Slicers


    • English: Fluent
    • French: Intermediate
    • Russian: Fluent
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  • What I'm best known for?

    Experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted. -Randy Pausch

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    Net Wizards home network

    In early 2000s I created an ISP network provider. At it's best it had 1036 clients

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    Que DJSchool 2005

    I created and ran an electronic music production and sound engeneering school

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    The Darkest Hour movie 2011

    I took part in “The Darkest Hour” feature film production where I engineered 3D Stereo video assist devices on the fly

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    Baykal 3D 2012

    I shot a 3D Stereo documentary about lake Baykal. Including creating a custom aerial rig for a heavy stereo rig.


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    Stalingrad 3D 2013

    I was in charge of the video village on a $50M historical movie that used 8 cameras in 4 stereo rigs

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    Cadet Academy Teacher 2014

    I taught Cinematography in a Cadet academy to 14 year old cadets. I developed a curriculum in the process and our students won a national short film contest

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    Blaze movie 2018

    I shot a movie directed by Ethan Hawke and even had a small episode part in it

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    Keynote at SXSW

    A keynote on using drones in cinematography at South by South West film festival in 2019

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    Lecture at Rice

    I taught a lecture on Drone Cinematography at Rice University in Houston in 2020

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    I created Scientific Asset Management system. It helps scientists aggregate and analyze data from various sources. 2022

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    Mangroves Surveyer

    I created a citizen scientist app for Mangroves fungal infection survey. It allows anyone to contribute. 2024

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    3D Underwater Camera system

    I am currently working on an underwater 3D stereo camera system that can dynamicaly adgust itself for refraction cooficent changes and can measure distance and precisely focus

  • Filming

    With two decades of experience in film production, Scott has participated in numerous feature productions globally, including "The Darkest Hour," "Blaze," "Resident Evil," "Time of Pioneers," and "Salvage Marines." He has a diverse range of expertise, having worked as a camera operator, 3D stereo specialist, DIT, on-set editor, drone pilot, and director of photography. Scott's extensive skills and knowledge have allowed him to develop a cutting-edge studio, offering complete production and post-production capabilities while minimizing costs and space. This studio is a testament to his ability to design and implement sophisticated solutions for complex projects.








    Create a concept delivering a clear and effective message, storyboard and budget, assemble a production crew and smoothly run through principal photography leading to paralel decentralized cost effective post production. - A simple recipe for a good video. Technological sophistication and simplicity in execution is the way "Safety Meeting Society" - a production house Scott is in charge of runs it's show.










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    Combining experience acquired in both Broadcast TV and feature film Scott began creating custom solutions for known problems combining best of both worlds.


    Designing complex production pipeline schematics for multicam 2D/3D productions takes perfect understanding of video workflows from in camera color space throughout the entire video village and post all the way to a DCP or positive. Scott provides consultations or turnkey solutions for productions of any scale especially if it involves non trivial solutions. Such as set up a 4K streaming system in a bear den you can not service for 6 months. Or create an aerial camera solution capable of operating on north pole.





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    Throughout his career Scott invited as a keynote speaker on multiple events. "South by Southwest", "RICE University of Taxes", NABB and many more.


    Organised and attended workshops for both beginner cinematographers and industry professionals. Such as a workshop on 3D Stereo production on "CPC Film Production Convention", "Lafayette Academy of Arts"


    And at some point spent a year in an academy teaching and creating curriculum for teenagers on basics of film production.










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    Flying is both Scott's passion and profession.


    Flying for over 10 years as a certified unmanned systems operator in different countries around the world is what developed in to a desire to fly and set on a path for Private Pilot License.  














    Don't be afraid to reach out.